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Tips For Including Water Stations In Your Festival Plans

If you're holding a festival, you need to make sure you offer your guests everything they need while they're on-site. One thing your guests will definitely need is water. An easy way to provide that water is via portable water bottle refilling stations. This is more sanitary than offering drinking fountains, and it's also more convenient for your guests. They can fill a bottle and then carry it with them around the festival grounds. There are, however, a few tips you'll want to follow if you plan to include water filling stations at your festival.

Place them a good distance from the bathrooms.

Presumably there should be hand-washing stations near the bathrooms so your guests can wash their hands easily. But even with these stations present, some guests might mistake the water bottle refilling stations for sinks. You don't want people to wash their hands in the refilling stations as this can be unsanitary. Placing the refilling stations further away from the bathrooms will help with this challenge. You may also want to place signs that say "no handwashing" on the refilling stations.

Include the refilling stations on any maps.

Assuming you create a map of your festival, make sure you put the refilling station on that map. This way, there will be fewer people asking you and the other festival organizers where the refilling stations are located. You may also want to pound a few signs into the ground that point towards the refilling stations, helping guests find their way. If your festival is on the large side, putting refilling stations in a few different spots is ideal. Just make sure all of those spots are clearly labeled on the map.

Sell refillable water bottles.

In order to use the portable water refill stations, your guests will obviously need water bottles. You can remind guests to bring water bottles in your promotional materials. However, some guests will still forget to bring bottles. As such, selling refillable water bottles on-site can be a smart move. Try to buy and sell them affordably so that guests aren't deterred from staying properly hydrated. If your budget allows, you may also want to give away cheap, refillable water bottles to those who need them.

A festival that offers refillable water bottles is a good festival. Your guests will appreciate being able to access clean, cool water without creating a lot of waste with plastic water bottles.