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3 Advantages Of Food Packaging Equipment For Farmer's Markets

When you sell fruits, vegetables, and other foods at markets, you can make a good amount of money. Get the most value for your items with simple package solutions. Food packaging equipment comes in portable and manual versions to easily pack items and supply customers with fresh items.

Check out some of the advantages of food packaging equipment and how to successfully use the equipment for farmer's markets.

1. Bagging Options

Instead of just tossing all of the items into a bag, a portable food packaging machine allows you to place items on a base and wrap them securely in plastic like you would see at a butcher shop or deli. The packaging allows customers to keep items separate and organized.

When they arrive home, they can easily keep items separate and organized in the packages. If you sell items like meats or cheese, the packages will keep the products separate and ensure the meat does contaminate vegetables or cause items to spoil. The packages made on the spot allow customers to pick the amount they want.

Automatic feeder machines will package the fruit and vegetables securely and without the need to waste materials.

2. Meal Kits

Along with the sale of fruits and vegetables on their own, food packaging equipment allows you to create specific meal-based ideas wrapped in a single package. For example, you could package some blueberries, strawberries, and peaches for a "Smoothie Meal Kit". Package potatoes, carrots, and celery for a "Beef Stew Meal Kit".

The meal kits offer quick ways for customers to shop and pick items needed for recipes. You can also inspire customers with some meal ideas and include recipes that print right on the labels of the food packages. If customers enjoy the meal kits, then you can find ways to expand on them and create unique packages.

3. Personal Branding

When you use packaging for your farmer's market stand, you have the option to add your personal brand to each purchase. The labels on the packages may contain your farmer's market logo, a website, or contact information. With contact information, you have the opportunity to connect with consumers and showcase what farmer's markets you will appear at in the future.

Personal branding can also include the colors of the packaging and plastic. Customers will start to associate the colors with your brand and remember you on future visits. Branding can go a long way, especially with some simple changes to your food packages.

Plan ahead to set up proper equipment for the farmer's market so everything is ready to go for the event days.

Contact a manufacturer for more information about food packaging equipment